PHOTOS: Santigold @ ACL Fest 2011 (DAY ONE)

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever seen Santigold live; her set at Austin City Limits Music Festival was mid-evening and a perfect time to get people into some of the bigger names coming up following her show…

I was totally blown away. I liked her style, voice and beats a lot more than I had anticipated. I really only feel like I knew the song, “Unstoppable,” and I obviously love her contribution to my favorite new Beastie Boys track, “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win.” This set gave me a whole host of other tunes that I want to re-listen to. I left the set early so I could shoot Pretty Lights, which turned out to be the epic fail of the day.

Read on for my full gallery from the set including one of the videos Wes shot for @LMBNOLA.

Santigold Say Aha @ Austin City Limits 2011