PHOTOS: Rodrigo y Gabriela & Los Amigos Invisibles with the LA Philharmonic @ Hollywood Bowl – 8/12/11

Last night, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Los Amigos Invisibles were joined by the amazing Los Angeles Philharmonic in an equally amazing setting at the Hollywood Bowl. Continue on for a full photo gallery from the show that produced some musical fireworks between the virtuosic (yet classically un-trained) Mexican guitar duo and accompanying symphony. The show was conducted by Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Music Director of the Fort Worth Symphony, serving up a few world standards before Los Amigos Invisibles (and the “National Anthem” to open) took to the stage) began their abbreviated but upbeat set.

The symphony was able to capture and add further depth to Rodrigo y Gabriela’s metal flamenco style, and the coupling played like a match made in musical heaven. Perhaps it’s the Rodrigo y Gabriela’s heavy Metallica influence (who also have a record of playing with Symphony Orchestras – see S & M), the fast-moving, intricate and layered nature of their music, or a combination of both. Whatever it was, the electric synergy between the band and trained hired guns was tangible and seeing it unfold was, to use an over-abused adjective in this line of work: jaw-dropping. Judging by the season ticket holder/older nature of the crowd, I’m guessing that on Friday night, the duo gained a bowl’s worth of new fans.

Also, midway through the set, Gabriela announced that their newest album will be quite an imaginative (and ‘weird’) departure from their 2 previous LP’s. Lucky for us, the album was recorded with the Cuban Symphony and is set for release in early 2012.

Rodrigo y Gabriela and the LA Philharmonic – Hollywood Bowl – August 12, 2011
Set List: Hanuman, Trevini, Chac Mool, Hora Zora, 11:11, Rodrigo Solo > Gabriela Solo (approx 15 minutes), Buster Voodoo, Tamacun, LA Symphony plays Barroso (Brazil), Abreu: Tico Tico w/ Fireworks Encore: Diablo Rojo