Ross Citrin caught the show @ in a couple weekends ago, continue on for his thoughts and a photo gallery from the show!

What a beautiful day it was at in . Perfect weather for an outdoor day of music. got things kicked off with a nice and welcoming, jam-heavy set.

To follow, picked things up a bit, throwing down an intense hour of hip-hop-infused electronic dance music. After , took the stage just as night was falling, a perfect setting for their trademark laser-filled visual display. The beams lit up the entire park, an always-appropriate accompaniment to their electro, rock and funk dance tunes that played well to a massive crowd.

Just as 9 pm hit the beloved took to the stage with their new rig (only utilized one other time at ). Getting right down to things with “Jump Off” – a classy, jam-enthused jazzy dance track. Lotus then debuted their new (now reworked) song “Neon Tubes” and absolutely brought down the house! For only the second time “Cannon in the Heavens” (a lick off their new hip-hop influenced album) appeared. The version features MC like throwing down some killer rhymes. The last half of the show was pure old school Lotus and the crowd lapped it up. Another track, a fan favorite – “Umbilical Moonrise” echoed the streets of leaving attendees mesmerized and in utter shock.

Overall it was a fantastic day in the park with some excellent musicians. What more could you ask for on a Saturday?

FDR Park, Lotus, 9/15/12 Jump Off and 128 SBD

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