PHOTOS / REVIEW: The Indobox @ Brighton Music Hall, Boston 3/3/12

The Indobox threw another great party on their home turf of Allston last Saturday night. Sonic Spank opened the night with an energetic opening set that showcased the multi talents of all three artists. Followed by the entertaining and delicious sounds of Supersillyus complete with pancake station and live hand drumming by the DJ. Both acts served as a great warm up for the hometown crowd of the Indobox.

Last time the box was in town in January they played a full set of new material followed by a whole set of LCD Soundsystem. (video of Us v. Them) Saturday they rolled through with a mix of new material along with some box party favorites and also threw Us v. Them down for good measure. Us v Them included guests Karen Reddy (of Reddy Set Joey) and Johnny Medeiros of Louis Deluxe. New originals Dagger and Celebrity are fitting into the box repertoire with ease and a highlight of the night came in the jam out of Big wheel into Lollipops and Chapstick with a keytar solo by Steve. Boston area Box shows always bring out a great crowd of friends and family and always prove to be a solid night of dance rock and Saturday night was no exception.