So is officially over and the season of Lint is upon us. If someone told me I had to give up for Lint, I would be deeply saddened but could look back on show as inspiration to get me the next forty days. To say the show was amazing would be an understatement at best.

The SOLD OUT show featured the Canadian electronic band as the opener. Taken from the lead singer’s middle name, dance beats filled the near capacity crowd from the start of the set all the way through. Katie Stelmanis vocals were passionate and ethereal at times and mixed well the beats that accompanied them. The dark wave sounds were a perfect companion to the night’s main event.

002 Austra HOB 2-8-13

After a rather slow turn around, came out to a completely filled house and launched into their first single off their latest album Coexist, “Angles.” This was the first time the English trio had played and they were beyond excited, stating their joy for the city and coincidence of it being . The crown in return threw some beads.

The XX may be best known for their works showing up in commercials. The , and TV shows, which probably helped the SOLD OUT nature of the show. If you ever seen the show Suits, you can’t help but love this band as a few tracks have been featured and the score itself has an overwhelming influence by ’s .

014 The XX HOB 2-8-13

The show was a combination of both their albums. The great about only having two albums is the likelihood that your favorite track will get played, and they did. The light show was amazing, perfectly synced to every note played on stage, creating mood escapes throughout the evening. The projections that accompanied the music only lent to enhance the musical experience.

The main set ended appropriately “Infinity” and gathered the greatest response when the band played “Fiction” and “VCR.” The encore was by far the most intense part of the evening, starting out instrumental “Intro” and was rounded out with “Tides” and “.” At the end of the evening I was at complete loss for words. A band that can combine boy the visual and auditory elements properly will always give me chills and The XX stepped up to the plate and delivered well beyond my wildest expectations.

Skipped a Beat
Far Nearer
Night Time
Swept Away