099So I *cough* just got a to *cough cough* check out *cough* at The *cough cough* Klein Memorial Auditorium in *cough* Bridgeport, CT a week or so ago and it took me a while to out where to start *cough* this *cough cough* review as I think I was still a *cough* bit discombobulated by the night’s overall performance and ummm…”activities” that were happening all around the venue! When I mean all around, I mean in the crowd,  in the bathrooms, in the lobby, backstage and even right up on the stage. don’t get me wrong, because if I really minded, I would’ve brought a respirator me for the evening but my noggin’ got a serious foggin’ just from being there!

227If you weren’t already aware, these guys hail from Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA and have toured extensively over the years. These guys bring it all and are a seriously tight combination of rock, funk, blues, , metal and punk if that sounds possible, and if you ever listened to or have caught them , you do know it certainly is!

Nonetheless, these boys really know how to stir up a crowd as the were certainly restless when those lights went down. They walked on stage with stench of confidence as you can see it in their faces that they were ready to teach Bridgeport, CT a lesson on how to throw down a serious party, and that they did…and a hell of a party it was! They just spewed positive energy up there on stage and were nothing but completely in sync with each other.

Made up of members, Kyle and Miles who both play guitar and bass but literally swap them with each other between songs, Rymo hitting drums, OG slappin’ the toms, Dela ripping the sax, C-Money wailing on trumpet, Paul hammering the keys and the one and only killin’ it on sax as well, these guys know how to put on a serious shindig.

If you ever want to spend a night having fun, listening to some great , grooving and dancing…then these guys are a must see and I know I’ll be checking them out any that I can!

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