110“With a ron ron here, and a ron ron there…here a ron, there a ron, everywhere a moe-ron…”

Well that’s what their fans call themselves at least…moe-rons. With that title, flattering or not, those moe-rons were having the time of their lives on a nice, warm Saturday night at Ives Concert Park in Danbury, CT.

Ok, I’ll be completely honest with everyone here, I really don’t know much about the band myself, nor do I really know much of their music. I believe I have only seen them 3-5 times total in the past, and the last time was about 18-20 years ago if that says anything. But, they rocked then and they rocked even harder now. It was a pretty full house as I spent about forty-five minutes trying to park before the show and in turn, I unfortunately ended up missing out on The Wood Brothers.


Speaking of The Wood Brothers, about half way into the first set, they came out on stage to join moe. for a great rendition of The Band’s “The Weight.” There is something more to that song these days since the passing of Levon Helm. It’s being played more and more in a tribute fashion to honor ol’ Levon, and that is absolutely fine with me…you have to admit, it’s a great song!

After everyone finished up “The Weight”, it was back to business for moe. They Started right into their song, “Water” and didn’t stop as they flowed into “Puebla” and then finished off the set without missing a beat as they transitioned right into “Mexico.”

All in all a fun night of upbeat music that had everyone on their feet, I’ll just chalk that up as a win!


Set 1 – She Sends Me, It, Deep This Time, The Weight (w/The Wood Brothers), Water > Puebla > Mexico

Set 2 – Chromatic Nightmare, Bullet > Don’t F*** with Flo > Bullet > Don’t F*** with Flo, Runaway Overlude, Time Ed > George, Farmer Ben > Tom Sawyer. Encore: Zed Naught Z