made a pit stop between weekends to wow a sold-out crowd and kick off the 2015 concert season at the in . They were accompanied by opener, (), who’s alternative country sound resonated well the mix of old and young there to kick back and take it the on this warm spring night.

Already establishing a reputation for one of America’s best bands in a little over three years, there was a lot of hype and anticipation for the new tracks they would be debuting off of their sophomore album, Sound & Color, which is set to release April 21 via .

Playing as a six-piece band including three backup singers, sounded as loud and crisp as ever. Lead singer/guitarist ’s powerful vocals connected the crowd in a way that made you feel the pain, joy, and raw emotion spilling out of her. Highlights off the new album included “Don’t Wanna Fight”, “Gimme All Your Love,” and “ People.” All songs that give a glimpse into their revamped sound that incorporates funkier and psychedelic elements but doesn’t entirely abandon their blues-rock and southern roots. Surprisingly missing from their , was ’s biggest hit, “Hold On”, which everyone seemed to expect them to close out the encore, but were treated to a newer unknown track that left the crowd wanting more.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing another Shakes performance come through the later this year. With the hint Ranger dropped on the Instagram , I think our chances got that much better…

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Alabama Shakes Setlist Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, USA 2015

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