Chad Fahnestock went to see NIN and Deerhunter at Red Rocks back a week or so ago and sent us these photos. —Editor

Nine Inch Nails gave one of those performances that, when it’s over, you immediately get back to the car, grab the iPod and find a track from that night’s setlist, trying to extend the moment. For me, I had to throw on a little “Hurt”, which was part of the encore performance that night at a sold-out Red Rocks. (I did not, however, take out my lighter or hold up my cell phone for the second rendition).

This was my first time shooting at this venue and the first concert I’ve shot where the performers were not on an elevated stage of some sort. Didn’t have to deal with any obstructions other than the occasional mic stand. Definitely the coolest venue I’ve shot at to date. []

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