Keller Williams and his one man show rolled into Boston last Friday night. As always, Keller delivered a high energy show with his looping acrobatics and a handful of covers to keep things interesting. I hadn’t seen Keller in a number of years so I was excited to see that not much has changed from his touring routine. Notable covers from the night included two Dead covers, “Shakedown Street” and “Eyes of the World”. Additionally, there were a couple I’d never heard him do including a great late first set cover of the Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” and an out-of-left-field show-closing cover of Butthole Surfers’ 90s’ hit “Pepper”.


All-in-all it was a great night of music from Keller and I look forward to checking out some of his other projects he has come up with over the past few years. A special thanks to Keller’s longtime soundman and back up vocalist Mr. Lou Gousain for letting me behind the board to grab a few pics!