Photos: Janelle Monae @ Schubas, Chicago 3/30/10

Janelle Monae @ Schubas, Chicago 3/31/10

A few weeks back, I caught my first glimpse of Janelle Monae live, and I was quick to sing some major praises of the show I saw. Our friend Chris Monaghan jumped on the chance to see her live when she rolled through Chicago this past week, and he filed this report for us.

Tonight was hands down, one of the most energetic, artistic, musical performances I have seen in years. The show was Janelle Monae and the venue was the very intimate Schubas Tavern in Chicago. The multi-media show began with Monae and her band entering the stage in black hooded cloaks as a futuristic video was projected onto the wall of the sold out venue. As soon as the video stopped the music started, and didn’t stop for about a solid hour. Monae is a performer to the likes of James Brown or Prince, she controls the crowd with her infectious dance moves and amazing voice. I haven’t been this impressed by a new artist in a long time, so catch this chick in an intimate venue before its too late…

Check out his photo set below and click for big copy.

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Here’s a clip from what was likely the show opener (if I remember correctly from the SF appearance I saw).

Janelle Monae from Chris Monaghan on Vimeo.

Her tour rolls through Atlanta for tonight and tomorrow and finishes up in NYC with three shows.