Jagwar Ma clearly made a strong impression on their Howlin debut with the band’s first four shows state-side getting the sold-out treatment. I was lucky enough to catch them last Thursday night at the Rickshaw Stop here in San Francisco, and Justin Yee came along and got some amazing photos (after the jump). It’s amazing to see how well the album translated live. They opened the show with “What Love” just like the album and definitely played most of the tracks from the release (not sure if it was all of them, though). Great show front to back; looking forward to seeing these guys grow into something way bigger than they are right now. Jump on the bandwagon now because there’s plenty of room up here. --Editor

Photos ยฉ Justin Yee

Justin Yee is a freelance photographer currently living and working in San Francisco. His work is heavily influenced by music and fueled by the desire to capture the โ€œperfectโ€ moment. When heโ€™s not attending concerts, he enjoys biking, skateboarding, digging for vinyl and exploring the Bay Area. Follow him over at Instagram: @yeesus and Twitter: @datninja