As the rain fell in Boston, the crowd in Agganis Arena was getting anxious for the show lights to dim and for the man of the hour to take the stage. For the great Mr. Jack White, one of Rolling Stones’ greatest 100th Guitarists of all time was about to take the stage and showcase his musical talents.

When members of his all-female band started to take the stage and check their respective instruments, Jack took the stage and started things off right with “Sixteen Saltines” off his stellar new LP Blunderbuss. He then moved right into an older favorite “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” off the White Stripes Album White Blood Cells. The crowd responded very positively to the other White Stripes material because of the nostalgia factor alone. “Love Interruption” seemed like a perfect rendition of the song’s music video because of chemistry during the duet with Ruby Amanfu. Jack White delivered his performance and the crowd couldn’t have enjoyed it anymore.