After last week’s bombing at the Marathon and subsequent week of anxiety and rage that followed, we decided to hold onto this photo gallery and wait for the right time when everyone felt like they were putting the pieces back together. The event and media fury were a sad to see, but the city of really came together after the attacks and even got together on the police scanner to try to catch the responsible parties. that it’s thankfully over, let’s check out what went down at the on the Friday before the race. and came to play a rocking fun show and Adam Marcinek was there to get us photos. And really the only he wanted to say about the show came a week later when we finally decided to put the post : he asked that we include an note to donate to The One Fund. We’re in no position to refute a Bostonians position on the subject. Read on for the gallery, and make sure you go out and see in soon, always something that helps soothe the . -Editor