Phish finished off their summer tour with a run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park again this year, and fans were left hanging after the first two nights ended with no obvious setlist spelling, something the band has done every year they’ve played this venue. On the final night, after a strong showing in the first and second set, the band came out and kicked off the encore with “Tweezer Reprise” which seemed like it would be the end of the show. Immediately after, Trey launched the band into “Harpua” and began telling a new story about Jimmy and his cat, Poster Nutbag, and he also made a mention for people following along that “we only needed to note this song once on the setlist…” before the band started launching into a set of old tunes and covers. “Harpua” led into “After Midnight”, “NO2”, “Keyboard Army”, then “Your Pet Cat” which was brilliantly placed as a pair with “Harpua”. The band closed the show with a pair of covers: “Once in a Lifetime” which was originally played during their 1996 Halloween show where they covered Remain in Light, and “United We Stand” by Brotherhood of Man, a Phish debut.

We’re psyched that our friend Kory Thibeault was able to be there to shoot for the show for us, and we’re honored as fans that Phish spelled T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U to close the entire summer. What a summer! Check out the photo gallery below and re-live the moments as you plan for your New Year’s Eve run (or trip to Mexico)…. —Editor