The Jazz & Heritage wrapped up last month and we’ve finally got all of our galleries in house thanks to our intrepid man-on-the-scene photographer Jim Brock. Covering a like this takes skill and plenty of stamina — hell, even getting through as a fan takes a lot of stamina in and of itself — and Jim was able to bring back shots from each day on both weekends.

Check out his full galleries from weekend two below… —Editor


Day One of Weekend Two featured sets from and Union Station, , , ( ), , and

Weekend Two Day One 4.30.15


Day Two of Weekend Two brought , , Macy Gray, and more…

Weekend Two Day Two 5.1.15


Day Three of Weekend Two brought , , , and more…

Weekend Two Day Three 5.2.15

For the Fourth and final day of Weekend Two, it was a heavy-hitter is ever there was one: , , , , , The , and more…

Weekend Two Day Four 5.3.15