Photo Fest: Surprise Me Mr. Davis, Fred Torphy (Big Light) @ Cafe Du Nord, 7/6/10

Surprise Me Mr. Davis @ Cafe Du Nord, SF 7/6/10

I spent most of yesterday organizing through my media and our camp’s photo galleries from High Sierra, and needless to say I was still moving a bit slow after five days of sensory overload. That didn’t stop me at all from attending the unofficial HSMF decompression party featuring Surprise Me Mr. Davis and Fred Torphy (Big Light) at Cafe Du Nord. It helps that the venue is a mere half-mile from my house, but it also helps that SMMD is a powerhouse of musical talent that I would never pass up while I remain in my right mind. Last night’s show, while a bit mellow and muted thanks to a long weekend, was everything the audience needed for an equally muted return to civilization after a magical weekend five hours north of the Bay Area.

Here’s my favorites from the photos I shot last night…

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