GA Theatre

I meant to post this a while back, because I wanted to continue to keep attention on the Georgia Theatre fire that destroyed most of the building in its current form. They’re raising money to help rebuild, so I figured I’d drop the info with a photo that came into our inbox after the event.

Here’s the info from their Rebuilding page:

We are working on a plan for rebuilding the Georgia Theatre. This is going to be a tough task. The interior was grandfathered into building codes that were as much as 70 years old. The new design will be required to meet all modern codes. This means that the rebuild will cost much more than the original; it also means that the interior will be all new. This combination of factors presents a quandary for us. How do you build a modern venue that functions properly and efficiently yet make it feel comfortable and nostalgic? Keeping in mind that it has to pay for itself or the whole effort is for nothing. This is our challenge.

In the days after the fire we were shocked. It seemed as though we had lost a brother and that he would never return. Then we started feeling the sympathy pour in from fans and artists all over the world. The press coverage and the support made us realize that this didn’t have to be the end. That this could, in fact, be a new beginning for the Georgia Theatre. We need your help in order to make this happen. We need to raise money to help save this beautiful art deco theatre so that it can remain the centerpiece of music and architecture in downtown Athens.

We have formed an alliance with The Georgia Trust, the country’s largest statewide, nonprofit preservation organization. You can donate to the Georgia Theatre rebuilding effort by CLICKING HERE or sending checks to:

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
Attn: Kate Ryan
1516 Peachtree St., NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
“The Georgia Theatre Rehabilitation Fund” in the memo line.

All donations are tax deductible as the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is a 501c-3 non profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of historic buildings.