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When you go to an indie-rock show, sometimes it’s a little stunning to see how many people are trying to grab photos–artistic band shots if you will, mid-scream to show their emotions–as many as they can snap within a 40 minute set.

At Del Rey at the Empty Bottle a while back, I was stunned by the fact that there were about fifteen other people in attendance (out of a 200 person crowd) anxiously taking photos of the band in the front row. Like, not watching the band, not listening to the music and enjoying it…feeling it–none of that. Just artistic band shots in a similar format to this

Not to pick on indie rock shows, though…hippy shows can present a similar phenomonon, but it’s definitely not artistic photography class 101…


I do have to admit, I have a hell of lot more fun at a show if the folksy are dancing and paying attention to the music. It’s one of the first things I noticed about the jamband scene – people got into the music and I liked that. This guy pictured above might be our special case, though. :)