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When you go to an indie-rock show, sometimes it’s a little stunning to see how many people are trying to photos–artistic band shots if you will, mid-scream to show their emotions–as many as they can snap within a 40 minute set.

At Del Rey at the Empty Bottle a while back, I was stunned by the fact that there were about fifteen other people in attendance (out of a 200 person crowd) anxiously taking photos of in the front row. Like, not watching , not listening to the and enjoying it…feeling it–none of that. Just artistic band shots in a similar format to this

Not to pick on indie rock shows, though…hippy shows can present a similar phenomonon, but it’s definitely not artistic photography class 101…


I do have to admit, I have a hell of lot more fun at a show if the folksy are dancing and paying attention to the . It’s one of the first things I noticed about the jamband scene – people got into the music and I liked that. This guy pictured above might be our special case, though. :)

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