Our friend Kevin Fuller recently shot the Phish show in Utica, NY and witnessed the madness that everyone has dubbed Guyutica.

Wednesday marked the return of Phish to New York with the band’s only stop in the empire state on its Fall tour. The guys packed one of the smaller venues I’ve seen the band in — and proceeded to (I’ll go ahead and use the cliché) blow the roof off the Memorial Auditorium in Utica. Literally, there were flames shooting out of the top of the Memorial Auditorium when I left. I dumped a Utica Club on it, which actually accelerated the flames.

So before Wednesday, I had a general rule of travel in terms of road trips. I appended those rules slightly thereafter.

Rules of traveling: 1. Avoid Utica at all costs. 2. Avoid drinking Utica Club beer. 3. You better make it to Utica if Phish — or anyone in the band — are playing there.

Read his full review here and read on for a few more photos from the show…