Gov’t Mule Island Exodus – Day 3

It’s early (for me). Therefor my constantly repeated disclaimer of “this is going to have spelling and grammatical errors, and may be tough to follow at times” is totally in effect.

So yesterday was the Warren Haynes solo show (early) followed by a later full Grace Potter and the Nocturnals show. There were some other events that didn’t happen – the “it’s Jamaica” philosophy applies. Such is life (here).

Here goes. Sometime in the afternoon it started to rain. Then, it started to pour. And it didn’t stop for quite a while. There were two questions constantly being asked. 1) Is the show going to happen? and 2) Is the show going to be moved inside? No one really had the answer, it was very much a “lets play it by ear” decision. Well, the rain eased up quite a bit (and stopped at times), and Warren decided that it was outside. He took the stage and said that the soundcheck was going to lead directly into the show, due to the possibility of further rain. So it did.

It was a two set show, because rain dictated that Warren leave the stage (you know.. water and electricity..). You have to credit the man – he could EASILY have just called it a day and not come back out. But no no – once the rain eased up, he was right back out there. The faithful just got wet while waiting and hoping, and lots of folks came running back once they heard him start up again.

Chris and Danny (crew) showed absolute professionalism and a dedication to their art. Putting tarps on the equipment when it started to rain, removing tarps when it stopped, putting them back on again.. over, and over, and over again. It’s my opinion that it happened outside in large part due to their diligence.

Set 1
Patchwork Quilt
The Real Thing
Listen To The Lions
No Celebration
Back Where I Started
Stranded In Self Pity with Ron Hollaway
Change Is Gonna Come with Ron Hollaway
Goin’ Down Slow
Old Friends
Wild Horses with Grace Potter

Set 2
Hallelujah Boulevard
Panonica’s Dream
It Hurts Me Too
Poor Boy Blues
In My Life with Matt Abts
End Of The Line

Encore 1
Hallelujah with Danny Louis

Encore 2
That’s Why I’m Here >
Stella Blue

The Grace Potter show. Sadly, I can’t comment much on this one as I only watched a couple of songs. As much as I wanted to tough it out, fatigue hit hard. I did listen to some of it from my patio, and it sounded great. I’ll certainly be front and center for their opening set tonight.

Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes

Warren and Ron

Warren and Grace

The Beach