Gov’t Mule Island Exodus – Day 1

I’m sorry I’m going to have to keep this brief. I’ll try to do a longer “Day 2″ post, but there’s a beach 100” from me and it has my name on it. With that said, I’ve posted some pictures and the setlist. Keep reading for more…

Gov’t Mule’s 1st Annual (well, hopefully it will be annual) Island Exodus in Negril, Jamaica kicked off to a fantastic start. Everyone was relaxed, thrilled with the gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches and warm ocean water.

The sound-check was great fun. They went through a couple of tunes around 7pm (I think.. time doesn’t matter so much here) making sure everything sounded well. It did. The stage itself is literally ON the beach, 30″ from the ocean. The “rail” was a series of branches lined up in the sand. Very much the opposite of the usual steel barricades.

Fast forward to 10PM. The band took the stage to an audience of.. 350-400 people (the guestimate consensus). It was a loud, joyful, smoke-filled (it’s Jamaica…) atmosphere. Grace Potter and Ron Holloway were great guests, and were having every bit as much fun as the rest of us. Standing barefoot on the sand watching and listening to your favorite band cannot be beat. More tomorrow…

Setlist (update: now complete thanks to

Set 1
Jam-Aica >
The Joker
Thorazine Shuffle
Banks Of The Deep End
Larger Than Life
Have Mercy On The Criminal
Lay Your Burden Down
Steppin’ Lightly >
Any Open Window
Dirty Work with Ron Holloway
Sco-Mule with Ron Holloway

Set 2
Find The Cost Of Freedom > with Grace Potter
Ohio with Grace Potter
Take Me To The River with Grace Potter
Brand New Angel
Broke Down On The Brazos
The Shape I’m In >
Afro-Blue with Ron Holloway
Lively Up Yourself

Raven Black Night
Gold Dust Woman with Grace Potter

Please note: The Internet connection here is deathly slow. It took 63 minute to upload just these photos. I’ll upload a whole bunch more overnight, and update this post or include a link to them in my “Day 2” article tomorrow.

Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes

Matt, Jorgen and Danny

Warren and Ron

Warren and Grace

Grace Potter

Greg and Kenny

Brian and Chris