In its fourth year, Mountain Jam has become one of the staples of the circuit.

This is a well-run, well-organized that gets a little better every year. And as long as the weather cooperates, which for the most part it did this year, it is in a beautiful setting at the base of Hunter Mountain.


There is a ton of to over the three days. Day one is below, days two and three to follow shortly.

After checking in at our Bed-and-Breakfast (, we are over the camping – and the inn is wookie-free), we made it to the mountain in time for Jim Weider’s Percolator Project. Weider is billed as from “,” but since he replaced in a re-formed 1985 version of , that’s kind of like saying that Kenney is a member of .

Jim Weider

He was followed by the first “must-see” band of the weekend for me, and the Nocturnals.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

This was the first time I saw her the full band, having seen her at the a few weeks ago. Grace’s voice reminds me of and I enjoyed her set immensely.

’s was up next, bringing some serious energy and groove to the mountain.

Ivan Neville

It was a great set by ’s band, featuring on bass. I’ve always loved his work with the Band, and it was great to see him with a different .

Tony Hall

Next up was Umprhey’s McGee. For a band that I don’t like, I’ve seen these guys too many times. Their MJ set did nothing to change my opinion of them. I know so many people that are into them, I’m sure a lot of you like them, I’ve just never gotten it.

Umphree's McGee

They played “In the Kitchen,” which is the one song of theirs that I do like, and I did appreciate their teases of both “Immigrant Song” and “Roundabout.” For most of their set, however, I was getting some dinner so I could avoid the pre-Mule .

Umphree's McGee

Gov’t Mule always brings their A game to and this year would prove to be no exception.

Gov't Mule

The first set was a burner right from the onset with a smoking “Hammer & Nails” and one of my favorite Mule tunes, “Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam.” This featured Brian, Warren’s guitar , leading the audience in the chorus with cue cards.

Gov't Mule

They played a ton of and while none hit me as hard as last year’s “Creep,” the sheer variety that night was staggering. From to and in just the first set alone.

Gov't Mule

The second opened with “Dear Prudence” followed shortly by “Spanish Moon” which featured Ivan Neville. “Thirty Days in the ” was the encore, closing out the day.

Day 2

Mountain Jam 2008 Photos