Flight of the Conchords @ Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA 5/28/10

Photo by Edwin Zee

Flights of the Conchords recently made a stop in Berkeley at the Greek Theatre and photographer Edwin Zee was on hand to shoot the show. I’m sooooo bummed I missed this one.

Over the Weekend: Flight of the Conchords [SF Weekly.com]

When they started rapping their song “Hurt Feelings” the audience cried with laughter. In between songs, Bret and Jemaine carried out a long-winded conversation about charities. “We’re into anything that Bono’s into,” cried Bret at one point. They then went on to talk about saving whales, because whales can’t call emergency services with their big flippers.

The final song of their set, “Bowie”, was off their first album Folk the World Tour. The lights went black and came up a few seconds later, to find Bret and Jemaine in sparking sequined shirts. After the final number, it was plain to see that the audience didn’t want them to leave. “If we don’t go now,” Jemaine said, “we’ll end up living here.” The reaction he received for saying that was the cacophonous sound of adoration, which they completely deserved.

Go here to view his whole set from the show. CAN YOU HEAR ME, LIEUTENANT BOWIE?