Remember this lede from last week’s Devenra Banhart review?

“Picture this scene for an encore: a long-haired, bearded group of freaky musicians named Hairy Fairy, fronted by a long-haired, bearded freaky guitarist named Devendra, who’s singing a song about a schizophrenic pedophile hermaphrodite that wants to marry little boys, with the band’s friends and members dancing and falling all over the stage, girls being picked up from the ground and inverted in potential suplex positions, awkward group hugs…

…And oh yeah, two dudes, one long-hair with total plumber’s butt and a leather vest and one boyish dude with a bowl cut that looked like Marco Benevento, stripping and groping each other’s asses in the center of the stage’s mayhem. It was basically a crystal meth and Viagra carnival up there. Hmm, not a bad way to close a show.”

Well, Brooklyn Vegan has the pics…funny stuff. Nice butt.