Ryan Montbleau began a solo career back in ’99 performing in and around the New England area. In 2006 the aptly named Ryan Montbleau Band was born and they started spreading their sound not only throughout New England, but all over the country. When I think back to some of the earlier days of RMB, I am reminded of the many good times, great friends and most positive vibes I may have ever felt at a live show.

Last Saturday evening, thanks to Nectar’s Presents, The Arch Street Tavern came to life with the soulful and uplifting sounds of Ryan and his band. I have been covering music at this venue for about a year now and this was one of the most packed shows that I have been a part of. The band carries with them an enormous following and are always warmly welcomed in Connecticut. Ryan has a subtle grin and his lyrics are so honest and happy that even the shyest of people came out of their shell to dance to them. You couldn’t just sit there and watch if you tried!

One of the highlights of the evening for sure was the insane cover of Electric Avenue. Why don’t more people rock that song live…IT’S SO GOOD!! To hear it, and the rest of the show, for yourself check out it out HERE!

Ryan Montbleau Band @ Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT || SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1ST, 2012

Head Above Water, Honeymoon Eyes, Dead Set, Fix Your Wings, Heartbreak Road, I Can’t Wait, Hot Coffee in a Paper Cup, Chariot (I Know), Songbird, Any Blues (Love Songs) → Electric Avenue, Here but, I’m Gone, Yeah Man, Inspired by No One → Eggs, Here et al., Atlas *
75 and Sunny ^, Stretch, City

* Ryan and Matt duo
^ Ryan solo