Photos and Words by Craig Sandor

I’m going to say that many others including myself who for the first time ever saw the Traveler’s Insurance TV commercial featuring a worried dog searching for and then finally finding the best way to hide his most prized possession (his bone), was curious enough right off the bat to figure out who the man with the warm, sweet, yet raspy voice was singing the background song, “Trouble.” I knew once I found out that Ray LaMontagne was the man behind the voice, I had to start listening to his music, and ever so happy I was that I did. This man delivers his stories with vocal passion and depth on his albums to such extent, that one can almost live his stories just by listening.

Well, I finally got my chance to photograph and see Ray LaMontagne last night sing and deliver his soul to a packed house at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY and what a beautiful performance it was. Like an episode of VH1’s Storytellers, he connected with the crowd in between songs by telling stories of his life, his music and also little jokes as well. Looking around the audience, one could tell that he had completely satisfied the crowd to their heart’s content. This was all in all a beautiful night for music, and almost 2000 attendees left this venue in great spirits, with every right to.