The Disco Biscuits straight-up crushed the city of Philadelphia for two nights earlier this month known as City Bisco, leaving people and faces shredded and melted to pieces. The extraordinary, beautiful, amazing Mann Center in downtown Philly played host, and the turnout was amazing. I met people from all parts of the country who flew in to see the band return to the stage. The Mann Center is huge for a Bisco gig, too, so there was a huge amount of space to move around allowing you to see the the pulsating, jaw-dropping biscuit lasers from hundreds of feet up and get an amazing aerial view of the show or you could choose to rage down in front with comfortable seating just behind you in case you wanted to sit down and take it all in.

Despite some overcast and a little bit of drizzle, Brothers Past got everyone in the right mood for this fun-jam packed day of music. Guitarist Tom Hamilton was going on a rampage of brain exploding, rock infused jam while bassist and drummer Clay Parnell and Rick Lowenberg were right on his groove supplying funky baselines and mega tight drum insanity while Tom McKee busted out some crazy keyboard jams to complete this band’s set.

The Disco Biscuits came out burning! Wanting to bring the heat to the city that once upon a time formed the now huge and successful band. I have to say this was a totally different Bisco show then I ever seen in the past. Having been to Camp Bisco these past two years, these four sets blew me off the ground. Everyone was on their A-game and really cared about putting on a mind-bending performance. Barber was on point both nights hitting notes and grooves that I had no idea he could hit anymore, breaking down solos and jams to utter pleasurable chaos. Magner, the “Synth Lord” was so in tune and right on time with his supporting electronic keyboard grooves to go with Brownstein’s deep, dark, baselines that is all tied off with Allen Aucoin’s rhythmic, jamtronica, heart pounding drums. The Biscuits brought the straight fire both nights of City Bisco and it was a pleasure being there to witness it.

Setlist Night 1:

Set 1: Trucker’s Choice > Hot Air Balloon > Astronaut > And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night 1, On Time, Little Shimmy In A Conga Line

Set 2: Little Lai > Safety Dance > Little Lai, I-Man 2 > Bombs > Run Like Hell 2 > Hot Air Balloon

E: Highwire

1 ending only 2 unfinished

Setlist Night 2:

Set 1: M.E.M.P.H.I.S. > Spraypaint > Humuhumunukunukuapua’a 1 > Helicopters 2, Portal To An Empty Head > Spraypaint

Set 2: Munchkin Invasion > Rockafella, Rock Candy 3 > Above The Waves > House Dog Party Favor > Above The Waves

E: And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night 4 > I-Man 5

1 Inverted 2 ending only 3 w/ King of The World Fakeout 4 Dyslexic completion of 10/05 version 5Completes 10/05 version

Papadosio gave everyone what they needed during their time slot – a nice chilled, laid back, vibe out groove session which spread happy and beautiful tunes all around the Mann Center. People could chill back and take a couple deep breaths and realize what an event they were at with this beautiful and inspiring music. This incredibly unique music provides improvisational interludes and refreshing vocal harmonies with an amplified message of transcendence, unity, and universal understanding. It is principles like these that a lot of musicians and producers look past nowadays in order to obtain a greater sum of money in their bank accounts. Papadosio always keeps it fresh and real; always a pleasure seeing them live.

I was intrigued by OTT. And The All Seeing Eye very much. This music is so original and experimental that it attracted nearly all of the attendees to the stage. Ott. forms this bass-heavy rhythm, abstract soundscape and timeless melody into a huge, ever-shifting sonic universe which reflected perfectly the spirit of hope and positivity which prevailed. When I listen to music I look for positivity and happiness and just plain old fun; this performance did that for me and more.

Diplo kept everyone moving in between Biscuit sets. Another Philly native the Biscuits so carefully selected to join them during this event. With his dance, jungle-beat, trap inspired style of music you can tell he puts a lot of emphasis on production behind it. Diplo never fails to come prepared with that new-new spitting out wild boogie, juke-twerk-trap vibes that gets everyone sweating and in the moment. A great in-between artist to keep things popping and get people amped for the the second set of Biscuits.

Overall I had a fantastic time in Philly. I don’t think The Disco Biscuits could have picked a more proper venue for this event, the Mann Center was a beauty! Room to dance, kind security, a rich music history, fabulous views of the city of Philadelphia along with people that know how to party — all nets out to one hell of a time. Bringing together a bunch of Philly natives that know what it takes to get the job done was a very intelligent move on TDB part. They always provide a little taste of everything for everybody which is unique in the sense that you get to experience so many diverse artist and open your eyes to new sounds. I was very impressed with all of the artists that came out. Top notch performances by all. See y’all next year!

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