moe. 12.28.12
Just a few short weeks ago, moe. was getting ready for the start of a four evening run leading up to the new year. It was my absolute pleasure being witness to the first two shows of the run at The Palladium in good ole “Worcestah!” When I had first heard about this them, outside of being extremely pumped that moe. was within a reasonable driving distance for a reasonable price, I (literally) jumped for joy to hear that this evening Kung Fu was supporting and the next Dopapod would be joining in on the fun!

It was a very cold evening in New England and inside the venue the air was not much warmer; thank goodness for the moe. coozies at the merch table! Best five dollars I spent all weekend! Kung Fu had already begun as I made my way closer to the front. The room was full of smiles and good vibes filled the air. The boys were on cloud nine; dancing around and laughing along with each moment that passed as they played their hearts out. Stoops (on keys) was melting my heart with the enthusiasm he was laying down on his keyboard. Adrian (on drums) was killing it behind the kit. The entire band had the crowd dancing ’round in circles and coincidentally, the air temperature inside began to rise.

Kung Fu 12.28.12

Of all of the shows that I have seen in my adult life, I have to say the feeling I have all around at a moe. show is unmatched. I always find it easy to spark up conversation with the people around me and without fail will find a common thread; it is never awkward or strange. OK, maybe sometimes a bit strange…but we are all moe.rons, afterall! One guy I was conversing with was telling me that this evening nine years ago at another moe. show he met his friend–and they have been tight ever since! Both married with kids now who they are sharing the tunes with as well. Another gent I was standing next to turned to me between sets and said “So are these guys better than Phish, or what? I have never seem ’em but my friends insisted I check them out and I am a HUGE Phish fan.”

I responded with, “BETTER then Phish? Tough call. I can tell you right now, it is unlikely you will ever see Phish perform to a venue of this size, so moe. is one-up there! And we have xylophone in this band. And what is a band without xylophone?! In any case, you have some good friends for them to insist you come. I will find you after the show and you can let me know what you think!” He enjoyed the “Simple” reference in my banter and his name was Benson.

Moe. kicked it off with a nearly twenty minute Billy Goat and worked their way through the first set. Al and Rob were sporting their fine winter beards and hats. It was a bit of a mellow first set, but like the rest of us, they were just getting their feet settled into the sand; a long new year’s weekend had finally begun! During the months leading up to this run, the band promoted a contest to be the “6th member of the band.” On this fine evening, 22 year old college senior Taylor Frederick joined the fellas on guitar as they closed out the first set with Plane Crash; a truly unforgettable moment in time for such a young fan!

moe. 12.28.12

They started the second set with another nearly twenty minute number, Seat of my Pants, and it got everyone right back into the show. And the highlight for me during the second set was the closing number, Moth; one of the very first songs that turned me onto moe. all the way back in my high school days! Their jams are some of the heaviest I have heard live. And I love them. AND Al had me at the mandolin.

I was excited to return the next evening to watch Dopapod open and moe. melt more faces! On my way out, I ran into Benson. He certainly did not hate it! And is now a fellow moe.ron!

Set One
Billy Goat ->
Not Coming Down ->
Wormwood ->
Hi and Low ->
Plane Crash

Set Two
Seat of my Pants ->
Runaway Overlude
Kyle’s Song ->
Queen of Everything

Time Again
Blue Jeans Pizza