Review and Photos by Oliver Walker

Diarrhea Planet are nothing if not active, as breakthroughs in wireless technology have allowed them to mount every perch and speaker in The Troubadour to engage in fast-fingered guitar solos. From the original three, Diarrhea Planet have expanded to a stage filling four guitarists, all of whom took their turns shouting lyrics into the forest of microphones as they wailed on their guitars backed by a bassist and drummer. Like a great relief pitcher in baseball, Diarrhea Planet is incredibly efficient at two speeds of pitches (in this case fast and faster) and pose an energetic threat to any band on the bill in terms of pure rock power.

On a lively night at The Troubadour, JEFF the Brotherhood blasted through a set that included “Hey Friend,” “Wastoid Girl,” “Stay Up Late,” “You’ve Got the Look,” “Sixpack,” and many more. Nothing makes rock more enduring then an appreciation for the basics, and a drum-kit, a three-string guitar, and a lonely microphone are about as basic as you can get. Sixpack proved to be the always-reliable crowd pleaser, while gutsier cuts with more action-oriented names coaxed some jostling out of the crowd. As one would expect from a band with songs titled Shredder AND Ripper you’d think that pure riffage would reign over lyrics, yet Jake Orrall keeps it honest as the lyrics are molded to fit the overall presentation. Though there was always movement in the crowd, at some moments of the night the pit stretched all the way back to the bar, and a broken bottle or two later Jake Orrall entered the crowd to shred with the people. Heavy Days indeed. Between swigs of beer and a long stanzas of head-banging Jeff the Brotherhood kept the crowd charged, the drinks flowing, and the feet moving.