CONCERT RECAP: Get The Led Out @ The Dome at Oakdale Theater, Wallingford, CT 2/16/13

Photos and Words by Craig Sandor

This show might as well have been billed “100% Pure Rock & F*****G ROLL!!!!” as I haven’t been this amped-up and energized post-concert in a long time. Granted, even though Get The Led Out exclusively plays Led Zeppelin music and prides themselves on recreating their studio tracks, they are by far much more than just a “cover band” or a “tribute band”…these guys at times had me believing that Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones were in fact up there in front of me on stage, it was just that spot on!

381Prior to seeing these guys blow The Oakdale Theater off the map on Saturday night, I had only heard of them about 2-3 weeks beforehand. I happened to see a promo video of theirs posted on Facebook and while I’ll give any band a chance, I have to admit that when I hear the term “cover band” I’ll throw my guard up, say “oh boy, here we go again”, but then I watched the video and my jaw hit the floor! I could not believe that within 15 seconds of watching this video, I was sold…hell, take a look for yourselves!

So, all of a sudden I soon realized that I absolutely missed listening to Led Zeppelin as it has been a long time, a REALLY long time in fact, and I felt like I just stepped back to the days of coming home from high school with a friend, or going over their house, putting on any Led Zeppelin album and just zoning out to sounds of Robert Plant’s vocals matched by Jimmy Page’s guitar work along with John Bonham and John Paul Jones laying down the framework.

190Now, what’s great is these guys don’t “dress the part” like a lot of “tribute” band types. They’re not trying to be Led Zeppelin, they’re just celebrating their music and bringing it to you the best they can. They’re a regular bunch of musicians that happen to kick some serious ass when playing Led Zeppelin tunes.

This group is made up of some serious talent though and comprise of the following musicians:

Paul Sinclair: Lead Vocals
Jimmy Marchiano: Guitars
Adam Ferraioli: Drums
Andrew Lipke: Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Paul Hammond: Guitar, Mandolin
Billy Childs: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Diana Desantis: Special Guest Vocalist on “The Battle Of Evermore”

214These guys were an absolute blast to see live and I wouldn’t hesitate to check them out again. The level of energy was so high there, everyone was so worked up and into the music and it just felt like I stepped into a time machine. The crowd was great as well, and we were all here for the same exact reason, to listen to and enjoy some live Led Zeppelin music played to it’s finest. If you’re into Led Zeppelin, then I highly encourage you to go check out these guys for an evening as it won’t be regretted whatsoever. Below is the set list for the evening and you will see they mixed things up a bunch and shined many a classic song.



  • Immigrant Song
  • How Many More Times
  • Good Times Bad Times
  • Custard Pie
  • No Quarter
  • Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
  • Ramble On
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Going to California
  • The Battle of Evermore
  • Hey Hey What Can I Do
  • In The Light
  • Thank You
  • Moby Dick
  • Heartbreaker
  • Living Loving Maid
  • Kashmir
  • Over The Hills…
  • Stairway To Heaven
  • Whole Lotta Love