That band expression, “they’re big in ” was the precursor to the show Sunday night at the . While the show wasn’t sold out, it was packed and pleasantly comfortable. Supporting act was a victim of rain, , and the inevitable fact they were going on first, while had a more respectable crowd.

004 Blondfire at HOB 4-28-13LA’s had the daunting, unenviable task of starting off the evening. Their electronic shoegazing sound was pleasant to the ears and their three part harmonies were spot on. The duo (a quartet as a act), did their best to entertain the crowd and gathered great responses from their satellite radio hits “Waves” and “Where the Kids Are.” Their set was simple and straight forward. Erica Driscoll’s vocals mixed will the overall sound of . In addition to the radio hits, Blondfire also played ”Kites” off their yet-to-be-titled forthcoming album and a fun of ’s “Dreams” an unknowing homage to this year’s .

After a quick turnaround, took the stage and launched into “Say to Me.” was quite jovial and joked all night that, “this is a sad song” and then would go directly into something that was nothing of the sort. While singing “Miranda,” John Paul Pitts, the bands lead vocalist, took to the crowd and enjoyed a cigar, all the while singing along the infectious tune that was playing. Surfer Blood to me is a well-crafted mix of Shins, , and influences. You just can’t help but dance around. The material from the band’s upcoming album, Pylons, has a bit more mature nature and sounded awesome . Audience favorite and last song played, “Swim” was a great appetizer for the main event.

012 Foals at HOB 4-28-13

Like, Blondfire, this was first time to visit and they were eager to play the near sold out crowd. The set opened the aptly foreshadowing “Prelude,” a growing a powerful instrumental track, the perfect mood grabber and starter. Of their three albums, the set comprised mostly of material from their latest Holy Fire. The main set ended with “Electric Bloom” off Antidotes. This left the crowd in a total frenzy and the band would come back for an encore that was one for the record books.

The encore was only three songs, “Stepson,” “My Number,” and “Two Steps, Twice.” Each song lent itself to the next, building on the energy and the previous one had created culminating in lead singer Yannis Phillippakis taking a lap around the upper balcony with drum sticks in hand. He did the same in the lower level during “Providence” while playing guitar. The band’s can’t be contained to the stage and Mears only helped oblige that notion. “My Number” was clearly the audience favorite of the night, while mine was “.”

Foals may not be that big in the US at the moment, but if shows like this are any indication of things to come, they will get there in no time.