Photos and Words by Craig Sandor

Ahhh some good ol’ always played to its finest! This ensemble as most know has been around for 15 years plus and they keep growing stronger and stronger. They aren’t a band; they are the exclusive band who is always so spot on, that it’s easy to lose yourself in their performances once you close your eyes as you forget who is actually up there in front of you.

I have seen the Grateful Dead just shy of 200 times, and I always enjoy seeing this band as it’s still the closest to their , so close that they have replicated hundreds of actual Grateful Dead shows perfectly to the note. Don’t get me wrong as we all know and love (who btw have grabbed DSO’s original guitarist, ) but those guys bring things to a different dimension and have expanded their music to a different level.

This brings me to the point that has certainly made their way up the ladder of respect and I believe are considered “family” from the Grateful Dead’s point of view, every right as original members and have sat in them in the past. But for five of DSO’s shows this tour, including last night, they switched things up as DSO’s keyboardist has been playing with ’s Quintet and ’s has been sitting in with DSO…while it may not be a long one, it’s still certainly a trip!

But last night was a in the lobby also known as “The Dome” at Wallingford, CT’s . With 1200+ anxious packed in there with no room to move, was happy, smiling and had a great amount of energy right off the bat. Starting the show off with one of my personal , “Mississippi Half-Step Toodleloo”, I knew I was in for some of my favorite songs, and I most certainly was. This show was an original arrangement, but I was more than happy with that as they just ripped one favorite of mine after another and this was quite possibly my favorite of all DSO shows that I’ve had the personal pleasure to see.


1st Set: Mississippi Half-Step Toodleloo, Mama Tried, Deal, Looks Like rain, Dire , El Paso, Sugaree, Let It Grow > Franklin’s Tower

2nd Set: Samson And Delilah, Ship Of Fools, Estimated Prophet > He’s Gone > drums > space > Truckin’ > Stella Blue > Going Down The Road Feeling Bad > Johnny B. Goode

Encore: The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

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