Our good friend, Adam Gromfin, emailed me the second he got back from the two Big Summer Classic shows at Red Rocks last weekend.

He’s put up a couple photo galleries already and he’s informed us that he’s working on getting all the galleries updated, consolidated, uploaded, organized, etc. all within the next week or so. Blogging is one thing, but uploading, watermarking, thumbnailing, etc. a whole slew of photos can take a while.

So, I think we can wait for the full run of the galleries, because he’s left us with a taste of his full experience with the galleries he’s posted so far…

night one (July 2, 2003)
– string cheese incident
– umphrey’s mcgee
– keller williams (with Brendan Bayliss)

night two (July 3, 2003)
– string cheese incident
– yonder mountain string band