The All Good Music Festival came and went in a flash of beautiful West Virginia mountain sun and jammy improvisational madness. Overall, the event was less the well-oiled machine than some of its larger festival rivals. But what it lacked in organization and “we think of everything” cohesion, it made up in simple, laid-back fun in a beautiful West Virginian mountain setting. That, and a solid lineup of mainly jam-oriented rock’n’roll. If you wanted a mid-size festival with some of the stalwarts of the jam scene and not all that much else, then this was your festival.

Here’s a brief glimpse of some photos that captured the weekend’s good times and a few highlights I couldn’t help but throw in for good measure. Luckily, I had some serious help in the photo department from our newest LMB recruit, Mike S. Mike dropped his first LMB review just a few weeks ago, but it didn’t take him long to jump into the festival coverage with reckless abandon. Look out for a bit more from him shortly. For now…


What Sco’s face seems to show in pain, came through as full-force jazzy funk. Though it was less foot-stompin’ than I’d hoped, this MSMW set did not disappoint.



Maybe there weren’t a ton of extra port-o-lets, but they did remember the weird alien dudes. Always good times.


Lettuce–with Soulive’s Eric Krasno at the helm–brought out that foot-stompin I was alluding to earlier.


Just classic Phil. All except for a little twist in the form of a Particle tune (courtesy of keyboardist Steve Molitz). Hearing Phil & Friends sound more like the Disco Biscuits was downright odd. But it was a pretty sick (and dark) groove.


Warren played an epic late-night set that pushed the limits of “late-night” (5AM anyone). Radiohead covers and rock’n’roll all night long. I wish I could say I stayed out there for the entire thing. Let’s just say I was still listening as I drifted off to sleep.

Tea Leaf Green rocks it per the usual.


Stylish as always (love the green pants), Mike Gordon busted out those signature weird Mike tunes, plenty of bass-heavy funk, and that killer version of the Beatles’ “She Said She Said.” Honestly, this was the closest to live Phish I have heard in years. Perhaps it had something to do with Scott Murawski’s Languedoc guitar. Whatever it was, it was almost IT.


Telepath. These guys are on to something.


Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi stewin’ up some soul.


Derek’s percussionist. This guy is just awesome.


Keller–with full band in tow–busts out the jams.


Bassnectar brought out the crazy dancers and the glowstick madness….like a good opening DJ act should do.


I can definitely get down to Widespread’s music and I love what Jimmy Herring has brought to their sound. But I still can’t fully dive into Widespread’s sets like some of my friends. Maybe I need more grits in my diet. Either that or whiskey.


It was pretty impressive to see Dark Star Orchestra get the coveted Saturday, late-night set. They played to their strengths and right into the All Good crowd’s hearts…or something.


Mr. Coconut tells it like it is. Yep, we did have fun.

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