Phish Destroys 2017: My 17 Favorite Moments From This Year

Even though the year hasn’t fully wrapped itself up yet, it’s pretty clear that 2017 was one of best years on record for the jamband titans from Vermont, Phish.


For those that may not have been keeping track at home, this post should serve as a good timeline of what this band laid down this year that blew everyone’s mind.

For the Phish fans in the room, there may be some discussion about whether or not 2017 was the best year musically we’ve ever experienced — for my money that’s still 1997 — but in terms of critical acclaim and overall creative delivery in the form of the Baker’s Dozen run, you’d also be hard-pressed to argue that it wasn’t one of the most impressive things you could have ever imagined any band doing. And your favorite band delivered on it… hugely…

Perhaps it’s the beautiful story-like arc of it all, the circular geographic return from how they started the year and how they’ll end this one at Madison Square Garden, that donut-shaped venue in the center of New York City.


What began as a lovely “Petrichor”-filled MSG gave way to a venue raining metaphorical-yet-not cats and dogs and a band on their way to the beaches in Mexico to aid and abet the loneliness. Then came the Super Bowl and we were already blown away and it was only February.

Follow along as we take you through the highlights, specifically 17 moments that really blew me away as a phan.

This Year In Phish History starts now…