YouTube just made a few updates gearing it more towards an actual music “service” and not just a place to find obscure live videos. It’s a move we’ve been expecting for a while now.

Today they announced the launch of a beta service called YouTube Music Key, a subscription model that will allow you to listen to music ads-free, offline, or even in the background if you’re using the app on your mobile device.

YouTube Music Key Beta

They’ve also created a “Music” tab in the interface so you can browse to your favorite jams faster. With it comes recommended playlists, created to “perfectly fit” my mood based on the stuff I’ve subscribed to or liked already; seem pretty logical.

music tab youtube

All of this does seem to be coming together with the subscription considering that will give you access to Google Play Music as well, which will allow you to stream albums and discographies more easily than before.

If you’re up for the beta, you’ll get to try it six months for free, so they’re clearly rolling it out slowly to the folks that already get a lot of their musical enjoyment from YouTube in the first place. Here’s some more info on the beta:

Official YouTube Blog [www]