You Enjoy Secret Machines ‘Ten Silver Drops’

In case you missed, Tuesday marked the digital release of the new Secret Machines album, Ten Silver Drops.

I can give you my play-by-play review but I’m not sure that I want to do that in this case. I really enjoy the album, but I can with all honestly that I don’t think it has the same force that Now Here is Nowhere has. That’s rather unfortunate to me, and yet the final decision has not yet been reached on my end. My highlights are definitely “Alone, Jealous and Stoned” and “I Hate Pretending.”

I wanted to hear what you guys think of the album. Does anyone have it yet? First thoughts? Second thoughts?

You can sample a bunch of the songs from the album in the Secret Machines podcasts I did recently and watch this very cool video for “Lightning Blue Eyes” filmed at the Warsaw Club in Brooklyn. Thanks, Brian!

Also, don’t hold me to it, but I’m guessing that the Secret Machines are going to make an appearance at the 2006 Jammys.