The first album The Color was a 2011 favorite. , two years removed is ready to release their sophomore effort, Songs From The Vanished Frontier on Royal Potato Family Records, May 28th. And to preview the album, they’ve already released it’s first single, “Young of Promise” on :

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Check out the full tracklist.


1. Stop Tonight
2. Mean Maybe
3. Love Stories
4. Young of Promise
5. The Ceiling
6. The Vanished Frontier
7. Julian
8. For Who Love To Sing
9. What’s Out There

Also in the update from front man (who also started the defunct ) is the promise of a big year ahead: “there’s a lot more coming down the pipeline very soon: a stop-motion cutout animation collaboration the brilliant Kara Smith, a 16-minute silent Western film scored by , and more videos, singles, collaborations and shows.”

Let’s hope a few of those upcoming shows are out here on the West Coast! The @HighSierraMusic and @YellowbirdsBK would go together like PB&J!

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