Woodstock 50 Permit Denied By Town Planning Committee

Yet another nail in the coffin for this year’s pending Woodstock 50 music festival, as the festival site and town planners at Vernon Downs have upheld the denial originally issued when the promoters filed an application there.

An open house was held in advance of a town meeting to determine whether or not the festival’s permit application for the site will be approved. It has already been rejected by the town codes committee twice and been appealed by the festival’s organizers.

The town’s planning committee rendered its denial just after 8:30 p.m. local time and it was unanimous.

At this point an appeal is still possible, but yeah, it seems impossible that they would get this event together this year.

According to Syracuse.com, it’s pretty much 100% done-zo at this point.

Greg Peck, co-owner of Woodstock 50, declined comment after the meeting. Michael Lang, who has promoted all three previous Woodstock festivals, including the original in 1969, said he won’t go to court.

Lang was quoted as saying he wouldn’t want the town to suffer, which at this point is at least inspiring to see.

Maybe give it another run next year. 51st!