Billboard tells us that Wolfgang’s Vault will open it’s entire concert catalog beginning in November, offering paid downloads and an annual premium membership on top of their current streaming services:

Leading up to the Nov. 3 “Cracking the Vault Day” blowout, Wolfgang’s Vault — which recently logged its 100 millionth streamed show — is offering a small amount of new shows twice weekly. The site just put up a Grateful Dead concerts (from May 15, 1970 at the Fillmore East in New York City); future releases include Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt (Oct. 2), Hall & Oates and Boz Scaggs (Oct. 6), Santana and Chicago (Oct. 9), Lou Reed (Oct. 13), Miles Davis, Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra (Oct. 16), Twisted Sister and the Ramones (Oct. 20), the Byrds, Dolly Parton and Waylon Jennings (Oct. 23), Cheap Trick (Oct. 27) and Mountain (Oct. 30). Newly streaming shows from Dylan and Pink Floyd will also become available on Oct. 30.

They’ve got a pretty serious collection over there. Good news for live music fanatics!

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