I know that I’m late in getting this posted, as most everyone else discovered this little gem last week, but I felt it was important to give it the full treatment myself to give it a proper mention.

Bill Graham was the grandfather of all concert promoters. Him and his company put on over 35,000 () concerts back in the day and he’s stored all the live tapes in one master archive that is now owned by Wolfgang’s Vault. On their site, they’ve created one very cool radio station called Vault Radio that pumps out live music taped during Bill Graham’s tenure…

What might be something you hear on Vault Radio? Right now, it’s doing an insanely fast version of “Respect” at the West in 1971. Gems.

Here is a sample from their “recently played” from a week back when I caught this link.

Dazed and Confused
01/10/1969 West

She Has Funny Cars
01/30/1968 Matrix

John’s Other
12/31/1969 Fillmore West

Fire and Rain
05/29/1970 Berkeley Community Theatre

Johnny B. Goode
03/23/1975 Kezar Stadium

Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield
() Tell Me Partner
12/13/1968 Fillmore East

In My Life
11/12/1974 Los Angeles Forum

Definitely worth a listen, especially by more youngin’s like me…