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One thing that I tend to skip over, oddly considering the content of this site, is the huge vault of concert archives available for streaming online. I think I have a hard time connecting with the attention span needed to stay with a concert all the way to the end while I’m trying to get my work done during the day, or maybe it’s simply that finding and perusing through the archives can take some organizational diligence or a daily reminder to load up that one site where you wanted to listen to that one thing you saw once but didn’t listen to yet, and so on…

Is that just me?

Maybe this announcement will change all of that:

Wolfgang’s Vault has partnered with Daytrotter, home of the best emerging artists in independent music. For over two years, Daytrotter has been giving indie rock bands the spotlight, some mics, and a chance to record live sessions, offering free streaming and downloads for Daytrotter visitors. Hundreds of artists have recorded nearly a thousand great songs that have quickly become essential listening in today’s underground rock scene. Dig in to Daytrotter today.

Daytrotter celebrated the announcement with a live Ramones cut back from a show in 1978, and the track ends with the “1, 2, 3, 4!” that begins their next song. I call that punk rock at its finest.

Let’s see where they take this. Congrats to both sides for finding some live music streaming symbiosis.

Wolfgang’s Vault [www]
Daytrotter [www]