Wolfgang’s Vault Offers Up Free Fleet Foxes Download

Fleet Foxes @ The Independent, SF 9/19/08I just caught this in my inbox and I had a quick second to get it posted to share. I’m still largely obsessed with the Fleet Foxes after seeing their show recently at The Independent, and I will continue to be obsessed with them for the foreseeable future; their music is just so meditative to me. It’s extremely relaxing and something I’ve spent a lot of time listening to over the past couple months as my real-life has been more than a bit busy.

Prepare to not know where you are. Prepare to be completely yanked out of the casing, borders and firmament of your bones and prints. You will find yourself naked in the middle of a barren woods, or with a light covering of bedclothes flapping in the frosty, kick of a wind, looking sideways and likeways in all directions, rubbing the sleepy fog from your eyes and wondering what had just happened – how you got between a peaceful night in and a twisted version of your own personal bit of fantastic, perplexed carnivalesque solemnity. You’ll not be frightened.

Uhm, sure. We’re not in a position to disagree with that intro.

Fleet Foxes Concert, Studio Paradiso (San Francisco, CA) – 4/17/08 [Wolfgang’s Vault]