On May 31st, a special of partners (including and ) will be gathering at the Bowl to auction off ‘s legendary guitar, , and along the auction there will be a special performance anchored by called ’s Friends Benefits. And holy wow that of musicians joining him is bonkers good.

The 1-2-3-4 punch that is the guitar lineup is solid: , (), ( Brotherhood, ) and ! GAH! :::faints:::

( & Wood) will be there along with obviously Joe Russo, so we’ll have a full represented. , Tom and Dreiwitz will all be there, too (but no Marco!). Frequency Russo collaborator is going to be there also. Check out the full list below, it’s really quite impressive.

(’s Legendary Guitar) Auction with special performance by Joe Russo’s Friends with Benefits at Bowl!

Jerry Garcia’s guitar “Wolf” is being auctioned off at on Wednesday, May 31. 100% of the auction & show proceeds will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Limited ticket quantities available, with no service fees! Custom show poster, with revenue donated to SPLC! More details to come!

Joe Russo’s Friends with benefits lineup below:

( Brotherhood, )
( & Wood)
– Joe Russo

Dreiwitz (, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead)
(, Hooteroll? + Plus)
– Tom (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Tom ’s )

(Joe Russo’s Almost Dead)
(Bob , )
(, Hooteroll? + Plus)
– Alecia Shakour ()
– Eric D Johnson ()
(, Hooteroll? + Plus)
– Cochemea Gastelum (Dap-Kings)

Wolf (Jerry Garcia’s Legendary Guitar) Live Auction + Live Show! [Facebook]

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