Win a Lifetime Bonnaroo and Vegoose Pass

The guys are Superfly have just announced an interesting contest…

If you’re a music festival fan, you’ve now got a chance to win lifetime passes to both Bonnaroo and Vegoose simply by acting the fool like someone else — anyone really — and submitting the video to the YouTube group where Superfly and crew will be the judges. Part of that crew is an artist set to play Vegoose but yet to be named; I’m thinking it has to fit in with the impersonation theme. Weird Al, maybe?

Full into on the contest after the jump…


Record a video clip of yourself impersonating a celebrity, musician, or other entertainer, and you could win a *LIFETIME* pass to the Bonnaroo Music Festival and the Vegoose Music Festival. In addition, you will be able to perform at the Impersonator’s café at the festival, alongside impersonators Mr. T, Rodney Dangerfield, Marilyn Monroe and more!

To enter:

1) Decide on who to impersonate. (Important)

2) Make your video (Equally Important)

3) Take a break to eat can of Easy Cheese
(Not so Important)

4) Upload it to the Vegoose Impersonator’s Contest Group on YouTube (Muy Importante’)

5) Go to and fill out the entry form (Vital Importance!)

6) Pray to the Halloween gods (Optional)

7) Exercise 30 minutes a day (Not required, but a good idea)

The winning video will be chosen by Vegoose Staff and a TBD artist performing at the Vegoose Music Festival. However, your opinions matter too, so feel free to leave comments and email us with your favorites. Inappropriate comments will be documented and sent home to your parents. All entries must be received by October 13th, 2006. Entries received after this date will be used as blackmail material at your current workplace.

Good luck to the participants…