Willie Nelson Throws Hat and Storms Off Stage at Outlaw Music Festival in Charlotte

Willie Nelson was scheduled to perform Saturday, May 27, 2018 at the Outlaw Music Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina. And as it turns out, he showed up on stage but not once but twice and didn’t end up playing a note. He stormed off once he came to the stage.

Stormed off? Why?!

We’re really not sure. But you can clearly see it on video. He even threw his hat out into the crowd.

Shortly after, the promoter Blackbird Presents posted this message on their Facebook page.

Due to illness, Willie Nelson was unable to play tonight at the Outlaw Music Festival at PNC Music Pavilion Charlotte. Fans are asked to please hold on to their tickets until the new date is announced.

Illness? Very quickly it was obvious there was a bit more to the story, especially if you read some of the Facebook comments.

The fans were saying that Willie was “mad about something” which seems a bit suspect, but here we have video / graphic evidence of the temper tantrum.

Check out the video below.

Willie Nelson not happy.... Cancels show..

This fan got video of Nelson coming to the stage, picking up his guitar, and waiting about 10 seconds before setting it back down and whipping his hat out into the crowd. Not sure what it’s all about, but you can clearly see it happen on the video above.

Thankfully he was able to perform the following night in D.C.

Willie Nelson, still getting it done. #willienelson #theanthemdc

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From there he had a few weeks off before the Outlaw Music Festival kicks off again in Cincinnati.