WillCall: Last-Minute Concert Deals in SF

WillCall is new app launching today in San Francisco which tag-lines itself as: Catch a Live Show. At the Last Minute. At Exclusive Prices.. To which I would probably add…(If It’s Not Sold Out Already). It’s a very cool idea, though; sort of like the concert ticket daily deals integration we would have hoped to have seen from LiveNation or Ticketmaster already.

From their About page:

WillCall wants to help you go out more. Each day we’ll curate a shortlist of live events in your city, for THAT night. At exclusive prices.

It’s quick, easy and you can buy your tickets from the safe confines of the app, right up until the band comes on or the curtains are drawn!

Check out their intro video at getwillcall.com:

I’ve been following the “beta” mentions of the app and I’m going to give it a test spin and see how it works in action. This obviously doesn’t solve that more relevant issue plaguing fans of live music — when do tickets go on sale and how can I ensure to see get tickets to see my favorite bands? — but this is a great concept for filling those often unsold seats. I’d love to be able to set a preference about what types of venues I want to be notified for; some of the clubs in the city obviously won’t be sold-out on a Monday night and I won’t likely consider venturing all the way across town to see some random playing at a no-name club. And how will it know I’m interested in seeing music that’s funky or electronic but almost never punk rock? I guess now is the time to find out…