What Can We Expect After the Tour Break? [Online Phish Tour]

I expect there to be at least one stand out set at the Greek–when Phish arrived at Red Rocks last year, almost every set was a special one (I know I’m in the minority, but I really don’t get excited over the 7/30 show). After they are heated up, they will roll into Telluride–I think both shows in this extremely special place are going to be unbelievably balls to the wall amazing. With Phish having played almost every Gamehendge song over the past tour/year/era, the epic musical story seems to be on the tip of Trey’s tongue. After blowing up crowds with bust out over bust out, the only real bust out left–even bigger than Fuck Your Face–is a complete Gamehendge. You know Trey is thinking about it, and Telluride would be the perfect location for a daytime Gamehendge set.

Patrick called a “Ride Captain Ride” at the Greek forever ago, so we just wanted to get that down on paper now. Also, the third night of Greek is shaping up to be the world’s largest toga party if any of us have anything to say about it. I doubt you’ll see me in one of these, but if we can get some more people involved then we’ll have a fantastic sight on our hands.

And if Telluride gets a Gamehendge set, we can imagine seeing this happen.

And so we begin our countdown to the Greek shows and Phish’s return to the West Coast…