Wilco at Millennium ParkOne of the reasons I’ve been so out of the loop in recent weeks is that I’ve been packing and moving from my first apartment here in San Fran. I’ve wanted my own place for a while now. I wanted to start setting myself up in a more proper setting to record podcasts (and/or start practicing drums again). Having my own apartment is definitely the way to go in helping to make some of that stuff happen. At any rate, moving has meant that I now have my own control over the multimedia setup in the household. I’ve got cable going again, which means that I get to actually watch TV while some good stuff is going to be coming back soon (uhm, Lost anyone?). I’m also quite a fan of The , and I’m psyched to see that he’s starting to feature musical guests on the show.

Coming up this Thursday, one of my my , Wilco, is going to be the guest on The Colbert Report before they head to Madison for a free concert in support of Barack Obama. Then they’re going out on the road with in December.

10/30/08 Thu , NY
11/01/08 Sat TBA – Concert for Change – Madison, WI
11/29/08 Sat Halifax Centre Halifax, NS *
12/01/08 Mon Bell Centre Montreal, QC *
12/02/08 Tue Scotiabank Place nata, ON *
12/04/08 Thu Canada Centre , ON *
12/05/08 Fri Canada Centre , ON *
12/06/08 Sat Auditorium Theater Rochester, NY
12/07/08 Sun The Palace Auburn Hills, MI *
12/12/08 Fri Wachovia Center , PA *
12/13/08 Sat Worcester, MA *
12/14/08 Sun Lyric Opera House Baltimore, MD *
12/15/08 Mon Garden , NY *
12/16/08 Tue Garden , NY *
01/30/09 Hill Auditorium (Ann Arbor Folk l) Ann Arbor, MI – ( solo)
* with ,

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